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Sixth International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing

18-20th June, 2008, London, UK


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For authors: Please, once you checked the allocation of your paper in the technical program, prepare your presentation (either oral or poster) according to the guidelines.

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Tuesday, 17th
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Tuesday, 17th


Wednesday, 18th

Registration and coffee
Opening Remarks
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Oral Session: Music Indexing and Retrieval
Chair: Gaël Richard
Content-Based Indexing of Music Concert Recordings Based on Crossing-Rate Features
Suphi Umut Naci and Alan Hanjalic
Content-Based Similarity Search and Visualization for Personal Music Categories
Wolfgang Theimer, Igor Vatolkin, Martin Botteck and Michael Buchmann
What is the Best Segment Duration for Music Mood Analysis?
Zhongzhe Xiao, Emmanuel Dellandrea, Weibei Dou and Liming Chen
A System for Automatically Annotating Traditional Irish Music Field Recordings
Bryan Duggan, Brendan O'Shea and Padraig Cunningham
Enhancing Chord Classification through Neighbourhood Histograms
Johannes Reinhard, Sebastian Stober and Andreas Nürnberger
Coffee Break
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Oral Session: Video Summarization and Segmentation
Chair: Yannis Avrithis
Retrieval of Video Story Units by Markov Entropy Rate
Sergio Benini, Pierangelo Migliorati and Riccardo Leonardi
Dynamic Layout of Visual Summaries for Scalable Video
Janko Calic, Marta Mrak and Ahmet Kondoz
Video Shot Meta-Segmentation Based on Multiple Criteria for Gradual Transition Detection
Efthymia Tsamoura, Vasileios Mezaris and Ioannis Kompatsiaris
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Poster Session I
A Framework for Surveillance Video Indexing and Retrieval
Thi-Lan Le, Alain Boucher, Monique Thonnat and Francois Brémond
Linear Algebra for Vision-Based Surveillance in Heavy Industry - Convergence Behavior Case Study
Pavel Praks, Vojtech Svatek and Jindrich Cernohorsky
Recognition of Hand Gesture Based on Gaussian Mixture Model
Jia Jia, Jianmin Jiang and Dong Wang
Method to Improve the Performance of the Adaboost Algorithm by Combining Weak Classifiers
Jeong-Hyun Kim, Bae-Guen Kwon, Jin-Young Kim and Dong-Joong Kang
Fast Indexing Method for Image Retrieval Using Tree-Structured Lattices
Mahmoud Mejdoub, Leonardo Fonteles, Chokri BenAmar and Marc Antonini
A Topology Synthesizing Approach for Classification of Visual Information
Le Dong and Ebroul Izquierdo
Comparison Between SVM-Light, a Search Engine-Based Approach and the Mediamill Baselines for Assigning Concepts to Video Shot Annotations
George Shih-Wen Ke, Michael Oakes, Marco A. Palomino and Yan Xu
Image Collection Structuring Based on Evidential Active Learner
Hervé Goëau, Olivier Buisson and Marie-Luce Viaud
An Image Browsing Application Based on JPEG XR
Cristian Perra and Daniele Giusto
Slim-Tree and Bitmatrix Index Structures in Image Retrieval System Using MPEG-7 Descriptors
Esra Açar, Serdar Arslan, Adnan Yazici and Murat Koyuncu
Compressed Domain JPEG2000 Image Indexing Method Employing Full Packet Header Information
Farzad Zargari, Ali Mosleh and Mohammad Ghanbari
Scalable Indexing of HD Video
Claire Morand, Jenny Benois-Pineau and Jean-Philippe Domenger
Toward Emotion Indexing of Multimedia Excerpts
Marco Paleari and Benoit Huet
Joint Global Motion Estimation and Coding for Scalable H.264/SVC High-Definition Video Streams
Christian Kaes and Henri Nicolas
Image Retrieval over Networks: Ant Algorithm for Long Term Active Learning
David Picard, Arnaud Revel and Matthieu Cord
Web-scale System for Image Similarity Search: When the Dreams are Coming True
David Novak, Michal Batko and Pavel Zezula
Designing a Modular System for Direct Search of Video & Audio Content: The Divas Project
Nikos Achilleopoulos and Christos Theoharatos
An Innovative Content-based Indexing Technique with Linear Response Suitable for Pervasive Environments
Constantinos Lalos, Anastasios Doulamis, Kleopatra Konstanteli, Pavlos Dellias and Theodora Varvarigou
Gray Level Image Processing Using Contrast Enhancement and Watershed Segmentation with Quantitative Evaluation
Zhengmao Ye, Habib Mohamadian and Yongmao Ye
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Oral Session: MUSCLE Special Session I
Chair: Philippe Joly
A Mobile Platform for On-The-Move User-Generated Tourist Contents
Ander Garcia, Maria Teresa Linaza, Imanol Arbulu, Isabel Torre and Yolanda Cobos
Automatic Human Face Detection for Content-based Image Annotation
Richard M. Jiang, Abdul Sadka and Huiyu Zhou
Ontology Based Viso-Semantic Similarity for Image Retrieval
Claudio Andreatta
Coffee Break
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Oral Session: MUSCLE Special Session II
Chair: Jenny Benois-Pineau
Visual Scene Classification for Image and Video Home Content
Paulo Villegas, Eduard Bru, Blanca Mayayo, Lola Carpio, Eduardo Alonso and Víctor José Ruiz
Mediacampaign -- A Multimodal Semantic Analysis System for Advertisement Campaign Detection
Herwig Rehatschek, Robert Sorschag, Bernhard Rettenbacher, Herwig Zeiner, Julien Nioche, Franciska de Jong, Roeland Ordelmann and David van Leeuwen
Multimodal Indexing of Digital Audio-Visual Documents: A Case Study for Cultural Heritage Data
James Carmichael, Martha Larson, Jennifer Marlow, Eamonn Newman, Paul Clough, Johan Oomen and Sorin Sav
Wearable Video Monitoring of People With Age Dementia: Video Indexing at the Service of Healthcare
Rémi Megret, Daniel Szolgay, Jenny Benois-Pineau, Philippe Joly, Julien Pinquier, Jean-François Dartigues and Catherine Helmer

Thursday, 19th

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Oral Session: COST292 Special Session
Chair: A. Aydin Alatan
On-Board Video Based System for Robust Road Modeling
Marcos Nieto, Jon Arróspide, Luis Salgado and Fernando Jaureguizar
Behavior and Event Detection for Annotation and Surveillance
Zoltan Szlavik, Levente Kovacs, Laszlo Havasi, Csaba Benedek, Istvan Petras, Akos Utasi, Laszlo Czuni, Tamas Sziranyi and Attila Licsar
Intelligent Traffic Monitoring and Surveillance with Multiple Cameras
Alexandra Koutsia, Theodoros Semertzidis, Kosmas Dimitropoulos, Nikos Grammalidis and Kyriakos Georgouleas
Vision-based Analysis of Pedestrian Traffic Data
Philip Kelly and Noel O'Connor
Exploitation of Multi-Camera Configurations for Visual Surveillance
Oytun Akman, A. Aydın Alatan and Tolga Ciloglu
Regions of Interest for Accurate Object Detection
Petros Kapsalas, Konstantinos Rapantzikos, Natasa Sofou and Yannis Avrithis
Coffee Break
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Keynote Speech
Chair: Patrick Gros
Title: "Sensible Visual Search"
Speaker: Prof. Shih-Fu Chang
Digital Video and Multimedia Lab, Columbia University
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Poster Session II
MPEG-7 Service Oriented System - MPEG-7 SOS
Margaret Florian and Maria Trujillo
Towards Standard Semantic Image Annotation and Search
Sergej Rinc
A Robust Compressed Domain Feature Vector for Texture Based Image Retrieval
Farzad Zargari, Mahdi Mehrabi and Mohammad Ghanbari
Adaptive Similarity Search in Large Databases - Application to Image/Video Copy Detection
Nicolas Gengembre, Sid-Ahmed Berrani and Patrick Lechat
Character Localization in Video Sequences
Balazs Enyedi, Lajos Konyha, Kalman Fazekas and Jan Turan
A Saliency Based Object Tracking Method
Shijie Zhang and Fred Stentiford
Automatic Evaluation Method for Rushes Summarization: Experimentation and Analysis
Emilie Dumont and Bernard Merialdo
Robust Directional Features for Wordspotting in Degraded Syriac Manuscripts
Petra Bilane, Stephane Bres and Hubert Emptoz
A Location Data Annotation System for Personal Photograph Collections: Evaluation of a Searching and Browsing Tool
Chufeng Chen, Michael Oakes and John Tait
Affordable Access to Multimedia by Exploiting Collateral Data
Willemijn Heeren, Roeland Ordelman and Franciska de Jong
Noise Removal from Polygonal Shapes Using Combined Inverse Diffusion Filter and Triangle Method
Robert Vincelette, Claude Tameze, Vesna Zeljkovic and Ebroul Izquierdo
Automatic Low-Dimensional Analysis of Audio Databases
Jose A. Arias Aguilar, Régine Andre-Obrecht and Jérôme Farinas
VideoTrees: Improving Video Surrogate Presentation Using Hierarchy
Michel Jansen, Willemijn Heeren and Betsy Van Dijk
VisualFlamenco: Dependable, Interactive Image Browsing Based on Visual Properties
Wolfgang Müller, Markus Zech, Andreas Henrich and Daniel Blank
ThemExplorer : Finding and Browsing Geo-Referenced Images
Adrian Popescu, Pierre-Alain Moëllic and Ioannis Kanellos
A new Semantic Text-Image Search Engine for Car Designers
Arantza Bereciartua, Carole Bouchard, Jean-Francois Omhover, Marin Ferecatu, Hichem Houissa, Fabienne Gandon and Guillaume Logerot
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Oral Session: Speech Analysis and Classification
Chair: Björn Þór Jónsson
Automatic Correspondence Calculation between Text and Speech for Authoring Digital Talking Book
Katsuyuki Watanabe and Masahide Sugiyama
Towards the Detection and the Characterization of Conversational Speech Zones in Audiovisual Documents
Benjamin Bigot, Isabelle Ferrané and Zein Al Abidin Ibrahim
Feature Extraction for Speech and Music Discrimination
Huiyu Zhou, Abdul Sadka and Richard M. Jiang
Coffee Break
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Oral Session: Image Classification and Indexing
Chair: Franciska de Jong
Dynamic Behavior of Balanced NV-Trees
Arnar Olafsson, Bjorn Thor Jonsson and Laurent Amsaleg
Object-Based Evaluation of Hierarchical Region-Based Representations Based on Information Theory Statistical Measures
Felipe Calderero and Ferran Marques
Real AdaBoost for Large Vocabulary Image Classification
Wei-Chao Lin, Michael Oakes and John Tait
Image Color Content Description Utilizing Perceptual Correlogram
Murat Birinci, Serkan Kiranyaz and Moncef Gabbouj
Social Event

Friday, 20th

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Oral Session: Descriptors and Metrics
Chair: Aggelos Katsaggelos
Affine Invariant Curve Matching Using Normalization and Curvature Scale-Space
Vasiliki Giannekou, Paraskevi Tzouveli, Yannis Avrithis and Stefanos Kollias
Object Recognition and Retrieval by Context Dependent Similarity Kernels
Hichem Sahbi, Jean-Yves Audibert, Jaonary Rabarisoa and Renaud Keriven
Boosting of Factorial Correspondence Analysis for Image Retrieval
Nguyen-Khang Pham, Annie Morin and Patrick Gros
Image Retrieval via Kullback-Leibler Divergence of Patches of Multiscale Coefficients in the KNN Framework
Paolo Piro, Sandrine Anthoine, Eric Debreuve and Michel Barlaud
A Fast Method for Animated TV Logo Detection
Ersin Esen, Medeni Soysal, Tuğrul K. Ateş, Ahmet Saracoğlu and A. Aydın Alatan
The Extended Edit Distance Metric
Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad and Pierre-François Marteau
Coffee Break
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Oral Session: 3D Content Retrieval
Chair: Mohammad Ghanbari
Content Based 3D Model Retrieval: A Survey
Zheng Qin, Ji Jia and Jun Qin
Analysis and Retrieval of 3D Facial Models Using Iso-geodesic Stripes
Stefano Berretti, Alberto Del Bimbo and Pietro Pala
Semantic Annotation and Retrieval of Unedited Video Based on Extraction of 3D Camera Motion
Wolfgang Waizenegger, Ingo Feldmann and Oliver Schreer
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Panel Session: The Future of Multimedia Retrieval Research
Chair: Aggelos Katsaggelos

Panel Session: "The Future of Multimedia Retrieval Research"

 Aggelos Katsaggelos, Northwestern University, USA
 Nozha Boujemaa, INRIA, France
 Shih-Fu Chang, Columbia University, USA
 Touradj Ebrahimi, EPFL, Switzerland
 Stefan Rüger, Imperial College, UK
 Thomas Sikora, TU Berlin, Germany

o O o
Oral Session: MIR in Specific Application Domains
Chair: Andreas Wichert
An Architecture for Fast Semantic Retrieval in the Film Heritage Domain
Yolanda Cobos, Carlos Toro, Cristina Sarasua, Javier Vaquero, Maria Teresa Linaza and Jorge Posada
Knowledge-Assisted Cross-Media Analysis of Audio-Visual Content in the News Domain
Vasileios Mezaris, Spyros Gidaros, Georgios Papadopoulos, Walter Kasper, Roeland Ordelman, Franciska de Jong and Ioannis Kompatsiaris
Merging Technology and Users: Applying Image Browsing to the Fashion Industry for Design Inspiration
Annette Ward, Stephen J McKenna, Anna Buruma, Peter Taylor and Junwei Han
Cross-Media Semantic Indexing in the Soccer Domain
Paul Buitelaar, Thierry Declerck, Jan Nemrava and David Sadlier
Coffee Break
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Oral session: Fundamental Techniques
Chair: Vasileios Mezaris
Wavelet Domain Binary Partition Trees for Image Segmentation
Shirin Ghanbari, John C. Woods, Hamid R. Rabiee and Simon M. Lucas
A Tracking Repositioning Algorithm Using Keypoint Labeling
Remi Trichet and Bernard Merialdo
Composite Interpolation Approach to Super-Resolution for Image Database Browsing over the Web
Giaime Ginesu, Tiziana Dessì, Luigi Atzori and Daniele Giusto
Semantic Clustering of Images Using Patterns of Relevance Feedback
Donn Morrison, Stéphane Marchand-Maillet and Eric Bruno
Subspace Indexing for Extremely High-Dimensional CBIR
Andrzej Wichert
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