MMV Group

Sixth International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing

18-20th June, 2008, London, UK


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~ Demo Session

Accepted Demos List

Videotrees: Improving the Presentation Of Video Surrogates Using Hierarchy
Michel Jansen, Willemijn Heeren and Betsy Van Dijk
Multimodal Indexing of Electronic Audio-Visual Documents: A Case Study For Cultural Heritage Data
James Carmichael, Larson Martha, Marlow Jennifer, Eamonn Newman, Paul Clough, Johan Oomen and Sorin Sav
On-Board Video Based System for Robust Road Modeling
Marcos Nieto, Jon Arróspide, Luis Salgado and Fernando Jaureguizar
Siemens Neurology Software – Scenium: Usability Improvement Project
Chufeng Chen, Stephen Wells and José Abdelnour Nocera
Content-Based Similarity Search and Visualization for Personal Music Categories
W. Theimer, I. Vatolkin, M. Botteck and M. Buchmann
Integration of an Image Retrieval Latent Semantic Indexing Tool to a Web Service
Pavel Praks and Krishna Chandramouli
Image Color Content Description Utilizing Perceptual Correlogram
Murat Birinci, Serkan Kiranyaz and Moncef Gabbouj
Browsing and Searching the Spokenwords of Buchenwald Survivors
Roeland Ordelman, Willemijn Heeren and Thijs Verschoor
A Robust Content-Based Video Copy Detection System
Nicolas Gengembre, Sid-Ahmed Berrani and Patrick Lechat
A Large-Scale System for Image Similarity Search
David Novak, Michal Batko and Pavel Zezula
Large Scale Cross-Media Knowledge Sharing and Reuse
J. Magalhães, A. Chakravarthy, A.-S. Dadzie, L. Xia, J. Iria, M. Greenwood, D. Petrelli and F. Ciravegna

Note for presenters

Proper space and equipment will be available during all the hours indicated in the technical program, so authors are welcome and encouraged to have their demos set during these times, if possible.

IMPORTANT: However, we ask all presenters to have their demos set up in the first slot, in the 18th of June, in the afternoon period.

For any additional information, please contact Dr. Paulo Borges at .