MMV Group

Sixth International Workshop on Content-Based Multimedia Indexing

18-20th June, 2008, London, UK


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~ Papers submission

*NEW*: The submission of the camera-ready version of the paper is currently open for all the accepted contributions. Please, follow carefully the guidelines presented in this page during the preparation of the camera-ready. Remember that failure in producing conforming papers will result in your contribution not being accepted by IEEE for the inclusion on the on-line proceedings.

Instructions for the submission of the camera-ready papers:

1) paper preparation
Prepare your paper in accordance with the format and the guidelines provided in the author's kit page. You are strongly advised to use the provided template files to do so. Remember that the papers are limited to 8 (eight) pages, including figures, tables, references and any other additional content. In case you have valid reasons to think that your contribution will not fit in this limit and you then require additional pages, please contact the committee. Otherwise, papers exceeding this limit will not be included in the proceedings. Please also note that, according to the guidelines, the pages in your paper shall not be numerated.
2) PDF preparation/validation
To produce valid PDFs, this conference uses the online IEEE tool PDF eXpress. After having produced the final version of your paper, you should:
  1. go to
  2. click on "New User" and fill the form to create a new account; please, use cbmi08x as conference ID; a password confirmation will be e-mailed to you;
  3. use your e-mail address, the chosen password, and the conference ID cbmi08x to log in on the initial page;
  4. click on "create new title", choose a title to identify the paper, and either submit your source files for PDF conversion, or the PDF you created for checking;
  5. wait for the e-mail indicating the end of the process; this may require some time; once you receive the e-mail, if you submitted a source file, be sure that the PDF output is consistent (e.g., all the images are visible); if you submitted the PDF, make sure the test is passed with no errors.
The PDF file produced by PDF eXpress, or the one that passed the related tests, is your final contribution.
3) upload your contribution
Upload the final version of your paper through the EasyChair paper submission system. To do so, log into the system, go to "Proceedings", then select the paper for which you desire to upload the camera-ready version and select "Submit a new version" in the menu on the right. The submission of the camera-ready papers is currently open.
4) fill-in the copyright form
Download, fill-in, and sign the IEEE copyright form. Please fill-in the form inserting the title of the paper and the complete list of authors where indicated and signing it where appropriate. The preferred option for the collection of the form is to send a scanned version to Giuseppe Passino ( ). If this is not possible, the form can be faxed to +44 20 7882 7997 with a cover sheet marked "To: Giuseppe Passino".

Please, complete all the required steps before the 10th of April. Should you require any help, please do not hesitate to contact the committee.